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Here are some answers to questions our users ask.

The price changes year on year, but is usually around £4-5k per participant. This cost includes your flights to and from Morocco from London and half board accommodation. This is only payable to the Marathon des Sables themselves.

We set a fundraising target of £5,000 per participant – and we are on hand throughout your whole MdS journey to help you sail past this target.

Joining team WWTW means that you will be joining one of the biggest teams that take part in the MdS; giving you chances to exchange tips and tricks, make friends and give/receive huge amounts of support from people who are going through the exact same thing as you!

You will also receive endless support from our WWTW events team, be it for your fundraising, from our past participants or from our wider network; we will be with you every step of your amazing journey across the Sahara.

The MdS is a six-day ‘ultra-marathon’ or ‘ultra’ run over 150 to 156 miles (254 kms).

Although the exact distances change year on year, the average to expect is;

Day 1 30.3KM

Day 2 39KM

Day 3 31.6KM

Day 4 86.2KM

Day 5 42.2KM

Day 6 7.7KM

We have one of the large amount of participants that take part in the MdS, and last year, 100% of participants completed the challenge.

Year Team Size Completion Rate
2024 ? Will you make this our biggest yet?
2023 14 Strong 12/14 (86%)
2022 20 Strong 20/20 (100%)
2021 9 Strong 5/9 (56% - however race rate at 53% drop out)
2017 24 Strong 22/24 (92%)

Joining team WWTW allows you to chat with our Operations staff, who are on the ground working with our veterans who benefit from your fundraising directly; coupled with the fact that 42% of participants who take part in the MdS generally are veterans themselves. This is a unique opportunity to see exactly what your fundraising will do, and experience the MdS in a totally unique way.

We’d love to welcome you onto our team for 2024, so please do get in touch for more info, or to register your interest with us!

We have had participants in previous years who have had accompanying support members, including a videography team. You would need to arrange this directly with the race organisers but we are happy to talk this through with you.

The flights are included in your package from the race organisers and you will need to pay this directly to them.

As THE destination for ultra marathon runners, the Marathon des Sables is heavily advertised through print and social media as you would expect. Walking With The Wounded also communicate the race out to our database of supporters but do feel free to also spread the word!

Our team numbers fluctuate each year but we normally have an average of 20 in the Walking With The Wounded team. Overall race numbers are over 1,000 each year and the places go on a first come, first served basis, so don’t delay in getting in touch with the race organisers to book your place!

You will need personal travel insurance and a medical certificate, certifying that you are medically capable of taking part in the race. It is your responsibility to arrange this with your doctor in advance of the event.

Of course! We have a large pool of MdS alumni, who are happy to share their experiences and knowledge from years out in the desert!

Absolutely and whilst we do not formally facilitate this through Walking With The Wounded owing to geography, we encourage our participants to get together as often as possible and share training tips and schedules.

You will be restricted to the capacity of the airline but in general, less (although high quality) is more with MdS. Remember your kit will need to be transported and your day sack must be able to be carried by you on the course. The group will share tips and tricks between them before you go out and previous alumni will be happy to share their knowledge.

Your primary contact will be with the Events team, however we will introduce you different members of the team over your fundraising journey to help maximise your efforts.

The Events team will keep in touch through a series of virtual meet ups with the team and an in person meeting 1 month before the event. They will also regularly update via email and host a team WhatsApp.

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