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I have seen the amazing work that WWTW do for ex-military personnel and their families and want to contribute to the veteran community in some small way. Doing MDS on behalf of WWTW will hopefully inspire me to reach the finish, in memory of those who are no longer with us and those whose lives have been changed by their service. Any donations will go to a fantastic cause and motivate me to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Thank you.

Status Updates

£20.00 from Christine and Rupert

Excellent achievement well done Ben

£20.00 from Praveen Rai

Gift Aid +£5.00

Norfield, congratulations on completing the race and achieving 83rd position. Your effort and commitment to raise charity money for the WTW is commendable for a noble cause. Salaam Saheb!!!

Thanks Praveen. Really appreciate your support!

£40.00 from Jill Norfield

Donated from Reg Simpson from Walking Football

£5.32 from Benjamin

Gift Aid +£1.33
Thanks Benjamin. Definitely one for the bucket list for you.

£10.00 from Simon Doogan

Gift Aid +£2.50

Well done Ben great effort. Your dad was telling all about it ( I play Walking Football with him every week)

Thanks Simon. I have really appreciated the support of the walking football team. It’s been fantastic.

£51.45 from Corinne Bridgeman

Gift Aid +£12.86

Well done Ben! What a superhuman accomplishment!

Thanks for the support Corinne. That’s very generous.

£25.82 from Jamie Milne

Gift Aid +£6.46

Congratulations Ben - great effort for a good cause.

Cheers Jamie! It was a fantastic experience but maybe not one I’ll do again soon!

£20.00 from Nathan, Jess, Joe and Harriet Butler!

Gift Aid +£5.00

Congratulations Ben, amazing effort!

Thank you Nathan. Really appreciate it.

£10.45 from Hayley & Florrie Tailford

Gift Aid +£2.61

Congratulations Ben, you’ve smashed it! The biggest well done to you 🌟

Cheers Hayley (and Florrie!). Really appreciate the support.

£30.00 from Margaret Longworth

Well done Ben, so proud of you what a example you set .

Thanks Mags. It was a great experience which hopefully I can tell you all about soon.
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