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It is amazing to take part in the Marathon Des Sables and take on the sand, heat and mountains of the Sahara desert. I feel very lucky to be taking part in this event for the second time and to be heading off with two close friends will make the experience even more special. It is a tough challenge and to ensure I keep moving forward, I wanted to support a charity that was close to my heart. A friend of mine was supported by Walking with the wounded when he suffered a life changing injury whilst in Afghanistan. Thank you for supporting me and the charity, it is greatly appreciated. My number is 328 and you can follow me as I make my way through the 6 stages, covering a total of 252.8 km.

Status Updates

£110.90 from George yuan

George yuan family

£102.70 from Yanzhen Fan

£102.70 from Annie&Dwyane Gu

Gift Aid +£25.68

Well down Mr Langley!

£50.00 from Nathan Omeke

Thank you for inspiring me Mr Langley.

£102.70 from Blake Smurfit

Huge congratulations on completing the race. Quite incredible. And a very worthy cause too! Well done!

£102.70 from Basset family

Such a privilege to run alongside (actually well behind you) for this fantastic cause.

£102.70 from The Powell Family

Many congratulations. An amazing achievement.

£153.95 from The O'Donoghue Family

Gift Aid +£38.49

Congratulations Charlie! What an accomplishment!

£102.70 from tipples sid Zac Tipples

Gift Aid +£25.68

Congratulations Charlie - great effort.
Tipples family.

£150.00 from Ogilvie Thompson Family

Gift Aid +£37.50

A spectacular accomplishment, congratulations! Raising money for a very worthy cause too.

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