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In April next year, I will be running in the 250KM Marathon des Sables Ultramarathon. Taking place in the Sahara Desert, the multi-day race is known for being “the toughest footrace on earth” with notable competitors including Sir Ranulph Fiennes and James Cracknell.
I have chosen to raise money for ‘Walking With The Wounded’ after understanding the remarkable work they do for the Armed Forces’ ex-servicemen and servicewomen. It is a leading military charity which recognises mentally or physically wounded veterans and supports them and their families reintegrate into society. ‘WWTW’ work in three areas: employment, mental health and care coordination which are saving jobs, homes, relationships for veterans.
Through fundraising for ‘WWTW’, I hope to raise mental health awareness of those that have served and do my best to contribute towards an organisation that works so effectively with struggling British veterans who deserve help and care.

Status Updates

£50.00 from adrian Boyes

Gift Aid +£12.50

Well done Ed!
Best wishes
A and Sam

£102.70 from Joanna Stephens

Gift Aid +£25.68

Proud to know you Ed love. J

£51.45 from Rob Windsor

Well done Ed. Great effort for a great cause. Rob and Laura. Windsor 🏅🏅🏅

£100.00 from John Henwood Ling

Gift Aid +£25.00

With two granddaughters currently at Shrewsbury, and a son there back in the 80's. I know what the school does, has done, and will continue to do for our young people. You are a prime example, Ed, and I admire your resolve and commitment. Well done indeed.

£102.70 from Simon Thompstone

Gift Aid +£25.68

Congratulations Ed, what a brilliant achievement. Simon,Annabel and Will Thompstone.

£10.45 from Alex Meredith

£10.45 from Nathan Clews

£30.00 from Caroline Waterhouse

Gift Aid +£7.50

What an incredible achievement! A huge well done and sending lots of love from us all Xxx

£23.14 from Sophie Stace

Amazing Red! we are ALL so proud of you. What you have achieved this week is epic. Congratulations - this will get you to your target… So deserved!!! We can’t wait to see you soon and give you a hug. Love from us all. Xxxx

£50.00 from Dominic IJ and Tobias B

Gift Aid +£12.50

Classic Ed being hard as nails,
Making all MDS runners look like snails,
250k in the desert he crunched,
Eating it up like it was a light lunch.
If one thing’s helped out it’s that wondrous RigBiz,
But time to forget that and pop open the fizz!

Unreal effort fella, this man can’t be stopped! X

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