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I served so want to raise funds to support ex-military and their families.

Status Updates

£50.00 from Matthew Quear

£102.70 from James Watson

Gift Aid +£25.68

Amazing challenge, Ollie. Very best of luck!

£50.00 from Mayur Keshwala

Good luck!

£25.00 from Kate Wolstencroft.

Gift Aid +£6.25

Good Luck Ollie
So proud of you for taking on this Challenge
Lots of of love
Mum, Sophie and Emilis xx

£25.00 from Matthew Poole

Gift Aid +£6.25

You are going to have the most amazing week - smash it, but most importantly enjoy it.

I’m jealous 😃

£50.00 from Nisha Heimken

Don't forget the sun lotion ;-)

£25.00 from Simon Harper

Go smash it son!

£25.00 from Callum

Gift Aid +£6.25

Good luck son! Hope you’ve packed the electrolytes x

£50.00 from Trevor & Adele

Gift Aid +£12.50

All the best Ollie, good luck!

£100.00 from Dr Liam Peake

Gift Aid +£25.00

What a huge challenge to undertake both physically and mentally. Wishing you all the very best and go smash it!

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