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I had the huge privilege of flying with MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team) during my combat tour in Afghanistan as an Infantry NCO. This gave me weeks of first hand involvement in evacuating wounded NATO soldiers and treating them in-flight.
Many of these amazing men & women paid the ultimate sacrifice. For those left behind with both physical & mental damage, Walking With The Wounded provides crucially needed support!

Status Updates

£30.00 from Prasantha Sugunasingha

Gift Aid +£7.50

Keep up the good work Tim and for a fantastic cause.

Thanks Prazzle!

£10.45 from Richard Kruller

Gift Aid +£2.61

Good luck and God speed!

Cheers mate!

£10.00 from Scott Lemmon

Thanks mate!

£41.20 from Mr James Stocker

Gift Aid +£10.30

Good luck Tim!

Cheers mate!

Status Update

Training post Christmas carbo-loading so far going well!

Status Update

Kit has arrived! Thanks to Walking with the Wounded for the merch!! #WWTW

£51.45 from Peter Manley

Gift Aid +£12.86

All the best Tim.

Thanks Peter!

£100.00 from Lee Manley

Gift Aid +£25.00

Best of luck Tim

Cheers Lee!!
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