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Remembering and supporting our veterans is more than an annual event in November.

Status Updates

£102.70 from John Watters

Gift Aid +£25.68

Tristan this is a phenomenal effort for a wonderful charity. Amazing work!

Many thanks John!

£51.45 from Sarah Ludlow

Gift Aid +£12.86

Better late than never! Huge congrats brother - what an incredible achievement.

Oh bless you sister Sarah — thank you!

£100.00 from Vince Connelly

Gift Aid +£25.00

Great effort. Very impressive!

Thank you sir! Much obliged!

£50.00 from Alex Northcott

Gift Aid +£12.50

Huge respect. one foot at a time.. Good luck. Alex

Many thanks Alex. Had a 2 RGR officer in the team, Good times!

£50.00 from Richard Staveley

Gift Aid +£12.50

Great effort Tristan. Love your grit.

Thanks Richard, very kind.

£102.70 from Charlie Field

Well done - great effort.

Very much obliged, squire!

£100.00 from Angus David Scott

Gift Aid +£25.00
Many thanks Angus -- much appreciated!

£30.95 from Victoria Geoghegan

Gift Aid +£7.74
Thanks Victoria! Much appreciated!

£100.00 from Simon Lalor

Gift Aid +£25.00
Very many thanks for this, sir. Much appreciated. Speak anon.


Amazing effort & great cause. Well done Tris!

Thanks Liv! Xxx
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Target: £5,000.00


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